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To Blarm or Not to Blarm?

So how do I Blarm?

Blarming the art of Blog Farming to gain market share, and inevitable dominance of that community.

Well the good news by using the following tips, techniques and mediums we can give you the market dominance you desire.  However here comes the rub – you will have to do some work!  Not as much as you used to, not as long as the old just listed just sold cards took and not every month but a few minutes of intense brain noodling….are you up for that; if so read on, if not hit delete!

One time research:

ü  Pick your community I chose Grayhawk as my sacrificial lamb

ü  Find out the Master planned community website and book mark it

ü  Find out the master HOA company and bookmark their website

ü  Set up in your MLS a just listed just sold email alert for that community

ü  Prepare the ytd sales

ü  Prepare the ytd listings

ü  Find out the schools that service that area

ü  Call the warranty departments for the builders in that community for all their floor plans

ü  If your community has trail maps or community maps get those

ü  Pick an image for your articles that represents the area but isn’t copyrighted to any association or photographer ie don’t use the Fountain Hills Chamber of Commerce fountain image!

Things we need to write about once:

1.     Post your listings on Epropertysites and blog using ActiveRain (if you don’t have accounts click the words and get set up for free)

2.     Create a Blarm post – “Blog” about your farm area/community and why its cool to live there

3.     Create a Blog about the schools that service your farm

4.     Create a Blog about the trails and or maps of your farm

5.     Have me write a blog about the loans available in your farm area or post the one below just change out my SEO words for yours.

6.     Create a Blog about the builders and their floor plans available for new builds and re-sales

7.     Create a Blog about the offerings of your HOA and their quirks when it comes to buying, selling and showing of a home in your farm (don’t be negative be informative this article has helped a lot:


Things we need write about the first day of the month – write once update often!

Þ   Blog about the communities activities for that month

Þ   Blog the past years sales results and appreciation stats

Þ   Blog on just that months sales and new listings

Þ   Blog on each just sold and just listed as they happen on properties in your farm (THIS SHOULD BE DONE EVERYTIME A NEW LISTING OR SALE HAPPENS – THIS IS NOW YOUR JUST LISTED JUST SOLD POSTCARD AS IT WERE)

Þ   Blog each month about the monthly current sales and inventory for sale in your farm

On the issue of monthly updates simply copy the old blog – start a new blog and date the title and update the info inside of it and repost (e.g: “Homes sold in Grayhawk for July 2011” now becomes “Homes sold in Grayhawk Aug 2011″ and then you go and update your ytd blog of “Homes listed and sold in Grayhawk for the year as of July 2011” – now becomes “Homes listed and sold in Grayhawk for the year as of Aug 2011”~ get the idea?)– should take you more than a couple of minutes each blog.  If you do the SEO right the first time this becomes a breeze and now you are Blarming!

Here are my examples for you to copy:

Grayhawk Loans available for purchase or Refinance of your Grayhawk home

The fantastic community of Grayhawk and its varied amenities, terrain, home styles and communities make it a fantastic melting pot for everyone.  With that brings a diverse need and a diverse selection of loan products to meet everyone’s particular situation.

Buying a home in Grayhawk can be done using FHA Arizona financing up to the purchase price of $358,000 and allows for as little as 3.5% down payment.

USDA Arizona Loans are not available in Grayhawk

Conventional loans are typical utilized when buying over the FHA Arizona threshold and go up to $417,000.

Once above the $417,000 loan amount we enter into Jumbo financing which still in 2011 can be done with as little as 10% but this is a limited program so most consumers will need be prepared for a minimum of 20% down up to 2 million in purchase price.

For further information and help please visit and meet Mark Taylor who has been ranked in the Top 200 National Producers for the last 5 years.


And here is how to write the perfect Blarm post or blog:

I. Thou shalt make thy blog 400 words in length.  (too short, not enough content, too long, Google and people lose interest.)

II. Thou Shalt REPEAT THY KEYWORDS!  Keyword density is a major player in your content’s SEO.  12  of your content should be your keyword or key phrase (repeat 12 times)

III. Thou shalt have 2-4 pictures in your blog content.  Click on the insert/edit image button on the toolbar to upload images. People like having visual stimulation!  We are like 3rd graders with ADD when we are surfing the web, if we don’t see pictures, we usually back out and go on to the next website.  Your potential audience will too!  Make your Blog stand out!

IV. Have at least 2-5 links to your website.  Doing this will naturally raise your websites ranking, as well as your blog.

V. Thou Must Bold and Underline your Keywords or Key phrases.  This will help with your ranking.

VI. Make sure your Title is Geographically as well as property Specific (if possible), Short, Concise, and State your Keywords. Remember to title your post what you think someone would type into google

VII. Make sure your Title and Content complement each other.  (i.e.  Your keywords in your title are maplewood condos,  repeat and re-enforce maplewood condos throughout your blog.  Stay on topic, and keep it local.)

VIII. Thou Must Write Hyper-Local Content!  Not your city, but your neighborhoods and communities!  A good example would be instead of Seattle, write about Ballard.  Google Ballard, you will see it’s a neighborhood area in the greater Seattle area.  Read this recent blog Bob wrote to get a better idea of Hyper-local content.





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