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To Blarm or Not to Blarm?

Here we go again with that annoying word Blarming

So have you ever walked into your local deli, coffee house or chiropratic office to be greeted my a myriad of business cards from the chakra stimulation lady to the ubiquitous realtor card dump.

What if I could tell you there is a way the next time you walk in to your favourite haunt and have only your card sitting there. Maybe in its own frosted stand with a beam of light shining on it as if it was a religous relic!  Would you read on?

Good well here is what you need to do as the local area expert – the Realtor® of choice.

Make an appointment with the owner – remember they are super busy usually hands on so go in whne its quite ask them to give you 15 mins of their time as a patron of their store as you want to donate your time to help their business grow.

In this meeting you need a laptop and access to the Internet.  As all you are going to do is show them a blog that you have written about them the night before.  That you have correctly SEO’d for them and gotten somewhere on the front page of Google.  Something they have spent tons of cash on with Qwest Dex or the yellow pages you name it with no real affect!

Talk about publishing their menu of services, or their lunch menu, their quick and easy office order form for sandwiches. Create a library of content for them within your blog.

This will become their compendium of links and articles to use and be sending out to everyone with your shared info on it.  Talk about the next step of helping them set up a Facebook Fan Page to issue daily specials to drive traffic – become their marketing liaison as it were.

So, if you do this and ask to be their featured local area expert the Realtor® of choice they will say no?

I doubt it!

We have had owners of deli’s kick out their own spouses from the notice boards getting statements like “well they are part time anyway” lets give the business to you.  We have had Chiropractors have home clinics for you on weekends to help their clients with real estate issues.

ActiveRain and it’s power can get your business going – all you have to do is show case it. Go to your local strip mall and talk to local business owners show them what can be done, that you are fostering the spirit of community, and hey you will if nothing else be rewarded with free dry cleaning, dental exams and as many bagels and cups of coffee you can handle.  But believe me that will be the beginning of many referrals to come.

For more info on Blarming and how to dominate you local housing community and business community feel free to contact me

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